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Ready To Get Rid Of Non-Buying Traffic That Costs Money?

In The eCom PPC Academy I’ll teach you how to use Google Ads to make predictable AND profitable E-Commerce sales.

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How do some dropshipping businesses make $1,000s a day, while others barely sell anything?

Sometimes it feels like these folks are some sort of “wizards”.


They have to know some special trick or foolproof “hack” or something like that.


Well, the reality is that most successful E-Commerce entrepreneurs have some things in common:

  • They know how to connect the right people with theright product
  • They don’t use just one traffic source as if their life depends on it (at least many big ones don’t)
  • They had realistic expectations and didn’t dream of making $50,000 after 2 weeks

And probably most important: they know when to invest in their skills and when not.


Think about it: there is a lot of “common knowledge” out there.


Best practices that almost everyone is following. But guess what: the majority of these business owners aren’t successful.


One of the biggest misconceptions, where the most people are leaving money on the table is Google Ads.


If done correctly, Google Ads can become your best friend in E-Commerce. Whether you are struggling to make your first sale or are looking for a profitable way to make your 10,000th one.


Here are just a few benefits you can reap in mastering Google Ads:


  • Find highly targeted customers that buy products like clockwork
  • Stop “guessing” people’s interests and give themexactly what they are looking for instead
  • Drop your CPA significantly by showing people upfront what you offer
  • Forget spending hours (or hundreds of dollars) creating video ads
  • Sell products without experimenting ages to find a “winner”

Ready for a turnaround?


Welcome to The eCom PPC Academy 🙂


Learn To Convert Traffic In Your Store Like Clockwork

Stop wasting money on visitors that don’t buy

Find Your Dream Customer

Learn how to find people that truly crave your products and give them exactly what they want. Stop “guessing” people’s interests today.

Cut Your CPA – Kickstart Your Profits

Do you struggle with being profitable on the front end? Decrease your CPA by 50% or more by connecting the right people with the perfect offer.

Stop Endless Product Testing

Spending 90% of your time on product testing is normal for you? Learn how to get max results with just a few ones – and focus on more enjoyable tasks.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Marco Rodriguez

    Founder of The eCom PPC Academy

    Hey! I’m an E-Commerce entrepreneur since 2014 and ran multiple stores since then. With over $340,000 in retail sales and over $4.1 million dollar generated for my clients I’ve learned a thing or two about how to convert visitors into customers.


    I developed the eCom PPC Academy back in late 2017 and since then it continuously evolved into what it is today: one of the most advanced training programs for E-Commerce entrepreneurs like you!

Drop shipper Jamie making 104 sales within 14 days – having never used Google Ads before.


Learn To Convert Traffic In Your Store Like Clockwork

49 video trainings, 675 minutes of top-notch content, bi-weekly group calls

Ebenezer Frimpong

Drop Shipper & E-Com YouTuber

AdWords is the underdog of the E-Com community.

I’ve always felt very confident when it comes to Google Shopping Ads but needed to sharpen my skills when it came to Search Ads and Marco’s course was exactly what I needed. No fluff, just effective training!

Conor McGowan

7-Figure E-Commerce Entrepreneur

I really love the course and the content you created.

Love how straightforward and simple you keep it. I tried to teach myself AdWords, but got pretty lost around the user interface. Your course had already paid for itself 10x over the first week of running campaigns and ROAS is much better than on FB.

Laura Sanchez

Head of Strategic Partnerships @ Clever eCommerce – one of the leading Google Ads Shopify Apps with +11,000 users

Shows how to succeed with AdWords from A-Z.

It’s beginner friendly! Starting with the basis and then accelerating the pace for advanced techniques and methods to make more sales and conversions.

Zac Hansen

Messenger Marketing & FB Ads Expert

Marco is an expert when it comes to Ecommerce Performance Marketing.

His application of Adwords & Digital Marketing for E-Commerce businesses continues to get amazing results for his clients.

Jake Alexander

E-Com Entrepreneur & CEO of Casual eCommerce

I recommend this course for anyone looking to improve his or her AdWords skills.

I’ve been getting into Google AdWords this year and one resource I tested was Marco’s course. Very pleased with the info, awesome value for money and not only basic stuff.

Jenny Kuehl

Drop Shipping Entrepreneur

Invaluable advice.

Amazing, out-of-the-box PPC knowledge. Selling my products just got a lot easier 🙂


Ready To Get Started?

Stop wasting valuable time and money “cracking the code”. Follow +200 entrepreneurs in this proven step-by-step Google Ads course for E-Com and finally starting making predictable sales.

Sales Page – https://www.ecomppcacademy.com/lander

Course Price – $997

Price For The Ninjas – $29.97

Posted: November 23, 2018

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