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What we can learn from this course?
Funnel Bots Pro is a paid training on how to build a bot-based funnel and connect/integrate it with your email system (ESP).

Bot-based sales funnel – Establish a relationship & build trust via fb messenger, nurture cold leads and turn them into paying customers.
Engagement increase – Funnel bots are an unique way to build relationships online, higher engagement means higher conversion rates & more sales.
Stop hunting customers – Reduce your time spent on customer acquisition & nurturing, free up your time to serve clients better & generate more revenue.
Save time & energy – Stop figuring stuff out yourself. use our templates & processes.
Step-by-step instructions – 33 videos that walk you through the entire process (start to finish), the fastest way to set up your own bot in just a few days.
First-mover advantage​​​​​​ – Bots are not worn-out yet. use that to your advantage, implement early & be ahead of your competition.

Posted: February 17, 2019

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