[Download] [Coursera] - (Operating Systems) by Professor Chen Xiangqun (Peking University)

Any computer must be loaded with the appropriate operating system to form a working, complete computer system. Whether the function of the operating system is powerful determines the comprehensive ability of the computer system; the performance of the operating system determines the performance of the entire computer system; the security and reliability of the operating system itself determines the security and reliability of the entire computer system. The operating system is the core and basic operating platform of software technology. Therefore, students majoring in computer science and technology need to learn and master the basic principles and expertise of the operating system.

The teaching objectives of this course are:

1. Master the basic concepts, functional components, system structure and operating environment of the operating system;

2. Familiar with and use the working principle, design method and implementation technology of the operating system to understand representative and typical operating system examples (such as UNIX, Linux and Windows);

3. Understand the evolution process of the operating system, development research trends, new technologies and new ideas, lay a good foundation for the follow-up of relevant courses, and lay the cornerstone for the follow-up career development.

Posted: February 15, 2019

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