[Download] Dr.Claudia Winkler-Negotiation Secrets for Master Negotiators

Master the 3 key tools that help you win(-win) your Negotiations (+practical negotiation exercise)


Because life is negotiation. Every time we want to achieve something, we are in a negotiation! As a professional, you are challenged to stay on top of your field AND excel in getting the best deals for yourself, your business, or your clients. 

We get good at everything we practice – so this course involves learning by doing where you will finish with a (voluntary) practical negotiation exercise and a debrief video that shows you exactly what was critical to resolve the case.


This course will show you how you can use 3 key tools to win (-win) any Negotiation. 

By taking this course you will 

master the intricacies of getting out of competitive bargaining into interest based negotiation (aka the Harvard model), 
learn to balance the element of human relationship with getting what you want,
understand how you really lead and structure a conversation,
see how easy it is to make people come around your way, and
experience, you how you can always deliver your A-game with some sharp preparation ways
The course will round off with a practical contract negotiation exercise for which you will receive confidential instructions to negotiation with a partner. This will give you an opportunity to test and apply the new skills immediately and learn in the debrief video what was critical to resolve the cas

Posted: February 20, 2019

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