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How To Know If This Program Is For You..

If you have never learned the Meta Model and want to learn two of the most powerful frameworks available today in NLP, then this is the most extensive, up to date and thoroughly step-by-step training program available anywhere. You will be learning the same expert strategy for using the Meta Model that only a handful of the leading experts in NLP know.

If you have already studied the Meta Model before either through a training or book resource, and you are wondering if this is the right program for you…

Just answer do you…

  • Want to get beyond knowing the theory of the Meta Model and become truly skilled in using it
  • Would like to learn the EXPERT strategy and unique framework for using with the Meta Model that ensure you always know what question to ask and have a clear direction you are working toward…
  • Do you want to learn how to use the Meta Model to get results fast/faster with your clients
  • Do you want to discover how the Meta Model can be used in real life with clients, in business contexts and everyday situations, and finally have a training program that shows you all this in action.
  • Would like to raise your perceived intellectual power up several notches because you know how to penetrate seemingly tough problems, discover leverage points and transform seeming problems.
  • Be able to use the Meta Model, without using any of the 13 standard responses. This is advanced level skillthat you will see Michael demonstrate during the client interventions
  • Would like to become a very skilled problem solver and have an awesome tool for doing so…
  • You want to work with some of the most up to date and latest material on the Meta Model and Framing Tool
  • Add one of the most useful technologies for creating change to your toolbox… whether you are a coach, manager, therapist, parent or hypnotist mastering the Meta Model opens up the doors to a whole new world for creating transformational results
  • Desire to progress in your career, make more money… then mastering the Meta Model is for you because it gives you immediately useable and powerful tools for becoming the kind of asset to your department, manager and clients want to have around them. I’ve personally used this tool to win contract negotiations and in doing so raised my rates significantly.
  • Have greater confidence, know what makes people “tick” and be able to gracefully help others achieve their goals

Finally if being a great thinker, problem solver, persuader, change agent, influencer is something that is important in the work that you do… then this program is definitely for you.

We believe so much in how powerful this program is that we are offering a sixty day risk-free trial (details below) so you have nothing to stop you from ordering today.

Posted: March 16, 2019

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