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What’s In It?

The program comes with a specific structure to  help you get the results you want in the fastest and easiest way. It breaks down the quest into a 66-day process.

Here’s a brief overview:

Part 1: Foundation

This is the part where you’ll learn how to put your mind in the right mode and how to go around the negative thoughts in your brain.

For 7 days, you’ll learn how to feel more grateful even if you’re having a busy day so that you’ll feel magically inspired.

Part 2: Rituals

For 16 days, you’ll master how to set goals and how to instill new positive habits into your life. You’ll learn how to make your mornings extra amazing and productive.

This is the second part of the program where you’ll start thinking and acting like a superhero. You’ll wake up feeling more productive and positive and you’ll learn how to feel that way for the rest of your day.

Each time, you’ll keep raising your bar so you can be better at every aspect of your life. This is where you slowly become more effective in setting goals and ignoring constant distractions that are blocking your way to success.

Part 3: Winning

This is the most exciting part of the process. For 15 days, the program will condition your mind for success. You’ll know how to be resilient and how to get rid of the temptation to quit even before you realize it.

Part 3 is where you start building your empire and being more resilient. It’s when you’ll realize that you actually have everything and that you don’t need anything at all. You’ll learn how to use love as a powerful tool to achieve anything you want- even for your greatest achievements.

Part 4: Cutting through

The fourth part is all about mental mastery. This is where you’ll learn how to master and hardwire the 8 most important mentalities for your dreams.

At this point, you’ll start discarding your past so you can have a better and more remarkable future.

You can consider the 4th part as the stage where you learn how to move on from superficialities. It’ll bring you a sense of clearer purpose and definiteness so you can readily redirect all of your focus on your dreams. You’ll become a habitual giver as you learn how to cut out inefficiencies out of your life.

Part 5: Being the master

This is the final part where you’ll finally learn how to be a hero. It will teach you how to fight procrastination and how to be unconditionally brave.

You’ll be able to finally remove the barriers that are stopping you from living your dream life and fully utilizing your God-given gifts.

Apart from the process, you will also learn the 20-20-20 formula which is also your productivity formula. You will also get to know the 90-90-1 secret successful and high-performance people use to keep themselves successful.

The program will also teach you the proper morning mindset that enables world-class action takers to seize their goals.

What You’ll Get From It

66 days can sound like a long time but it’s just the right time frame for you to:

  • Learn the mindset of the legends
  • Release deep-rooted fears
  • Experience peak productivity and focus
  • Feel younger and more energetic
  • Let go of anxiety
  • Be extraordinary

For a lot of people who have tried the product, it didn’t take 66 days to see those results. They were able to experience changes in their lives in early as 7 days by spending only 10 minutes each day on the program.

In addition to the actual program, enrolling will also give you access to a really helpful community support composed of like-minded individuals. You’ll also be able to get in touch with its reliable customer support whenever you need help and guidance.

Posted: February 17, 2019

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