[Download] Texturama - 1000 Seamless Textures

The 1000 set includes:
Architecture: (157 architectural facades, roofing, windows)
Bricks: (145 brick tilings, including Stone, Block, and Bricks)
Ceramics: (81 mixed unique and common tiles)
Concrete: (154 weathered and new concrete tiles and walls)
Glass: (55 types of glass)
Metals: (156 metals, diamond plates, corrugated paneling)
Miscellaneous: (32 drains, trains, trucks, rails, roads, etc…)
Organics: (34 bushes and grounds)
Ornamental: (19 architecture details)
Plastics: (6 various)
Stone: (38 Marbles, stone and stone walls)
Weaves: (32 fabric, leather, wicker, or any fibrous material)
Woods: (84, mostly exterior wood)

*PLUS-148 additional alpha channels for opacity and shiny maps.

About Texturama textures:
-Lens-distortion-free (no barrel or pinch distortion)
-Perfectly squared 90 and most are seamlessly tileable
-Cleaned from chromatic aberrations (blue / red fringing)
-Cleaned again, removing window reflections and obstructing objects
-Free of lighting gradations, ensuring perfect tiling
-Subtle weathering details while maintaining tileability
-JPEGs using the highest quality settings (90-100%)
-Optimum size with sharpness

Posted: February 20, 2019

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