You can get any group buy course for free. That means that you won't need to pay any extra fee (usually 50GBP) to get a group buy course.


With the Super Ninja level membership you will be able to still access the normal courses available here . The download links will be instantly unlocked.


You will be able to request courses and get the download links of the courses for free. The amount of times which you can request something are limited so please contac the support team if you need help!


Our support team will be 24/7 available to solve your issues and make sure that you are 100% satisfied. We will be always here to answer to any of your questions.

Our power is in value

If you have any question or need help with anything please contact us through the facebook messenger! We are here to help the entrepreneurs who are struggling with their epic journey! 

Frequently asked questions

Ninja level members have access to the normal courses which are available here.

Super Ninja level members have also access to the normal courses here, 
but they can get the group buy courses for free. You can view the group buy courses which are available here 

First month the Super Ninja Level members can claim one course for free, second month of their subscription they can claim two new courses for free, third month they can claim three group buy courses for free. 

Three is the maximum amount which the Super Ninja’s can claim. 

1st month of the subscription: 1 Course 

2nd month of the subscription: 2 Courses 

3rd and any after months of subscriptions: 3 Courses.

As long as you can claim a course you can get a course for free. 

If you want to request a course you can do that by sending us a message through the facebook messenger (bottom-right window). 

You can also do that by contacting us through other platforms. You can find our contact details at this page. 

In order to be able to upgrade an account you need to first register an account. You can do that through this link. 

After that you can find a link in the menu where you can upgrade yourself through sending a payment with PayPal. 

After the transaction has been completed, the service will be automatically deliverred. 

We have three membership levels. 

OnePercent Super Ninja (Once which have access to the normal courses and can also claim group buy courses) 

OnePercent Ninja (Once which have access to the normal courses available here. )

OnePercent Ninja Lifetime (Once which have access to the normal courses available here for forever.)



Since we want you to be 100% satisfied you have right to cancel the service and send no more payments. You can do that by contacting us through the email or any other platform which you can find here.

We add every month 3-20 new group buy courses. The group buy courses which are being added are suggested by the super ninja members. When you are a super ninja you will also be able to request courses. 

Yes, in order to claim a course you need to tell us which course you want to claim. You can do that by contacting us through the facebook messenger or through other platforms. 

Feel free to choose any group buy course. 

The courses download links are being deliverred through email, discord, facebook messenger. 

The download links are being hosted at google drive or servers. 

If you have any unanswered question please contact the support team! 

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