Udaya Yoga – Sonya Genel Classes - Value $99

Detox Flow

A dynamic twisting practice to help cultivate Samana Vayu, the pranic (energetic) force that governs diggestion and assimilation of food as well as of experience.

Features a challenging set of twisting and balancing postures, and optional handstand. Practice this online yoga class regularly to stay happy, healthy, and keep

your inner fire(agni) burning clear and strong.

Fearless Flight School

Release tension and fear in the shoulders. Learn how to build a steady, grounded foundation to feel courageous enough to fly into some fun and unusual arm

balances. Tension and contraction in the physical body are usually the seat of fear and stress. As we release and dissolve these blocked places we naturally

become more fearless

Get Grounded

Master the basic. Learn how to conciously engage with any yoga pose. This simple shift in your approach to foundation will profoundly transform and enhance

your entire practice both physically and energetically

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Posted: June 8, 2019

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